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Whiskey Club Membership


White Oak Tavern is named after the tall white oak trees of Kentucky, and is inspired by the art of the cooper who carefully handcrafts each cask, protecting and enhancing the flavors of the region’s prized bounty: bourbon. So, as you can imagine, we have a passion for brown liquor!

Each month, our team will handpick a premium bourbon, rye, or whiskey from around the world for you to enjoy in the restaurant whenever you like. You will receive an email with interesting facts and tasting notes about the featured bottle. We encourage you to sip our selections neat or on the rocks, to fully experience the unique aromas and flavors. And if you’d like to try the spirit in a cocktail, we’d be happy to have one of our bartenders create any of your favorite whiskey-based libations (or surprise you with something new!).

Membership includes your monthly bottle, along with access to specially curated experiences including private tastings with brand ambassadors, fun and educational meet-ups, distillery and brewery tours, our amazing whiskey pairing dinners, and more!

The cost of membership is on a monthly basis: 1 month for $175pp or 3 months at a reduced rate of $450pp. The months don’t have to be consecutive and can be picked at your leisure throughout the year—whenever it’s convenient for you (example: a few current members are only in the NYC area six months out of the year, so they just tell us which months work best for them).

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